A business owner, sick and tired of his stores being the victim of looters and thieves, had started keeping someone on premises around the clock. But that's not all they were keeping in the store. Rami Murrar, owner of the high-end clothing store Bouchards in Millwaukee, was also the owner of an AR-15 rifle, that he now keeps in the store office. A lesson learned earlier when his own brother was shot at the same location during a robbery last year.

At around 4:00AM, Mr.Murrar noticed a group of men with guns outside the store, that's when he knew something was about to go down. The group of thieves bashed through the concrete barriers recently placed in front of the doors and attempted to make their way through the broken metal gate, that's when the store owner opened fire.

Take a look at the full surveillance video footage here:

Here is the overhead angle footage from the store's front door.

One of the would-be robbers, 20-year-old Deishun Byrd-McWay, was later found in a local hospital, suffering from gunshot wounds. The owner is not facing any charges, as he acted in self-defense. The damages caused during the robbery attempt total in excess of $12,000.

Source: Fox6NOW

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