Talk about standing tall and standing small at the same time. Tim Tebow does each very well.  He stood tall, head held high, when his dreams of playing professional football seemed to come to an end.  A career fraught with controversy over his faith, and his taking a knee and being thankful to God for his opportunities and blessings in life, added fuel to the fire of an already destroy-the-Christian witch hunt campaign of the media and celebutard left.

He stands small, in terms of his humbleness and willingness to serve, not just monetarily or as a spokesman, but in person, and as a person who is invested, heart and soul, in the works of his Tim Tebow Foundation.

The man is blessed with a God-given gift that surpasses his skill on the field. He has the ability to bring people together in an act of humility and servitude and honoring of others. His "Night to Shine" event on Valentine's Day, brought together 44 church, 15,000 volunteers and gave 7,000 special needs people the prom celebration of their dreams.

While all but ignored by the media,  Tim deserves serious recognition as a reminder of the kind of standing-small people we should all be, no matter what our gifts and blessings, we are at our best, as human beings, when we are humble and look to the needs of others, and can bring joy into their lives.



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