Last evening Vice Presidential candidate and Governor Mike Pence gave his running mate Donald Trump the blueprint in how to win the White House come this November. His statesmen like and well crafted performance stood in stark contrast to the disoriented “Mad Hatter” persona of Tim Kaine, who came to the debate ready to insult, interrupt, and be as humanly obnoxious as possible, rather than make his case in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Within moments of the debate his one-act theme referencing Trump’s taxes quickly wore thin, as he continually brushed aside substantive topics, preferring instead to continue his feeble attack, which by now seemed an obvious smokescreen in avoiding Hillary’s lackluster 40-year old record within the political arena.

Moreover Pence’s calm professional workmen like demeanor in handling the erratic behavior of Kaine, actually became the facial point within the 90-minute debate, and how confident Pence was within his own skin and how viewers assessed both candidate’s performances.

Which was almost immediate, as viewers took to social media right after the debate with one apparent overwhelming overview, Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine is perhaps the most obnoxious liberal ever! Ever?

And although by the looks of things being reported by the mainstream media, he didn’t do to well at the debate last night, perhaps however Kaine should take solace that it’s only one debate and hopefully he won’t need to debate Pence again, at least for the short-term.

Folks on Twitter captured the obvious, Tim Kaine is beyond annoying:






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