Tim Allen is one of America’s favorite celebrities. We all remember Home Improvement. Now, he is the star of a show called “Last Man Standing.” The show is conservative leaning, which jives with Allen being one of the few Republicans in land-of-liberals, Hollywood.
His character Mike Baxter is a marketer for Outdoor Man, the setting of which is an outdoor recreational store. While his character is “caricatured” to a degree, Allen knows that this “…helps the liberal side be okay with it.” He’s okay with that, and while he respects liberals’ right to their viewpoints he has no problem saying he disagrees with them.

Since there have been recent acts of murder and mayhem at the hands of nutters with guns, and given the nature of his show, while partaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, naturally the topic of “gun violence” came up.

Allen held his own, to include when it came to the reality of what are called “assault rifles” by the media.

“The truth of it is, AK47s look dangerous, so they want those outlawed, but a Winchester 3030 is actually, in my mind, far more dangerous.”

Anyone who has handled either of these guns know this to be the truth. That being said, any gun in the hands of a crazy person is dangerous. As Allen said

“…it’s really mental illness: Most of these big, horrendous events were done by somebody who’s mentally ill.

That being said, it is time to recognize that a rock, barbecue fork, pencil, baseball bat, ping-pong paddle, beginner archery set, even a car, in the hands of a mentally deranged person can be deadly.

Guns do not kill people. Murderers kill people.

Source: CNS News


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