Alexander DeJesus Moreno, Hector Ayala-Perex, and Mauricio Regriguez-Celestino…stellar boys, all.  Not.

These are piece of crap thug gang-bangers whose parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising. These three rocket scientists’ beef was with David Grant’s “I’m behind Donald Trump!” yard signs.

The thugs weren’t down with the notion of free speech, so they proceeded to enter Grant’s private property and destroy the signs. Grant demanded they fix his sign.

At that point, one of the thugs is said to have patted his stomach and told Grant, “You are about to get a cap popped in your ass!”

See…What fine boys those Democrat liberal Clinton and Sanders loving jerks are?

Grant’s neighbor saw the whole thing and relayed, “I got you, hang on.” The neighbor went into his home and got his own firearm, returned, and directed his attention at the thugs by saying, “Nobody is shooting him.”

The three little pigs bolted, but were eventually picked up by law enforcement. They are awaiting trial on charges ranging from aggravated assault, illegal possession of a firearm without a license, committing and armed felonious act, and for being a minor with a gun.

Hmmmm….do you see any instance of legal gun ownership in this mix? Meaning gun control laws would not have stopped these guys from doing exactly what they did. The neighbor, a lawful gun owner, having one at the ready, is what stopped these criminals.

Additional charges of trespassing, drug possession (surprise!), and disorderly conduct are also pending, as are the trio being faced with violating the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Act.

Ironically, one of Grant’s signs said, “You mess with Trump, you mess with us!”

Looks like the hoodies missed that one. Too bad for them.

Source: Mad World News


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