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What can be more outrageous than to rob an elderly woman? Robbing and brutally assaulting her in a church!

The attack happened Sunday at St. Cecilia Cathedral, and was caught on surveillance video, as two thugs attacked and robbed a 76-year-old woman right in the church’s entryway.

The video shows the victim standing in the vestibule, just feet away from the north entrance to the church. The Rev. James Netusil said he was in the sacristy preparing for 11:30 a.m. Mass when the assault occurred, stating; “Honestly, I saw the video for the first time this morning, and it just makes you cringe,” Netusil said. “After the first kid grabbed her purse, the second one hits her, and there’s no point to it. It was just evil.”

In the video the woman can be seen reading a copy of the parish newsletter at the welcome table at 11:06 a.m. in the church at 701 N. 40th St. The assault took less than 15 seconds.

The woman suffered a large bump and scrapes on her forehead, according to a Omaha Police Department report and was taken to Creighton University Medical Center for additional observation, and at last report seemed to be doing fine.

It seems that America is a much more dangerous place for those most vulnerable among us, where not even the sanctuary of a church can no longer offer protection.

h/t: KETV



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