This should serve as a lesson to all wanna-be thug teens. Do not go breaking into homes. You just might get shot by the homeowner.

Such was case for a pair of brothers who decided to break into a home and kill the family dog in prelude to robbing the place.  One of the homeowners was absent, but unbeknownst to the boys the other was home. 

That owner was armed with a gun. He had no idea what kind of element was in his house, after all they had just mercilessly killed his dog.

The thugs were justifiably shot. Neighbor Charles Graham relayed the scene as, ““Pop, pop, pop!

And there was a pause, and then, pop, pop!...And then a couple seconds later, he was running down the street saying his brother got shot.” One of the wounded young men was found at the residence and the other about a block away.

The neighborhood has been experiencing a crime wave of late and the residents had been installing security cameras.

They are saddened that they must now go all-out to defend their homes and lives, but when, “Someone comes in your house like that while you’re home, then I guess you have that right,” said neighbor Gary Dickman.

Yes, we all do. It’s called the Second Amendment.

Source: Mad World News

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