Thugs are despicable. They know no limits to their heathen actions, and no gender, race, or age is immune to their savagery.  They do not deserve to walk among us.

Recently a pair of pieces of filth decided to jump a senior citizen and his wife. The 21 and 20-year old males, because we certainly can’t call them men, began to physically assault the 65-year old man, while his poor wife stood by, likely terrified for her life.

Grampa was not about to end up lying in the street in a pool of his own blood, while they attacked his wife.

Out came is legally owned and permitted concealed carry .45. He shot one in the neck and the other in the stomach dropping them to the ground.

Unfortunately, they will likely survive courtesy of the tax-payer funded medical treatment at their local hospital. Let’s face it, the thugs most likely are among the poor and uninsured, right?

No arrests have been made and rightly so. Whether charges will be filed remains to be see. Police told the DA that, “…they will determine whether or not the shooting in the Queen Village section of the city was in self-defense.”

Should there even be a question in this regard? The man should be given an award by the mayor and heralded by the police department for being a hero.

Source: Mad World News


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