Most conservatives would no doubt agree that the justice system can at times scare a first time offender back on the straight a narrow, and hopefully back into society, in that everyone is deserving of a second chance, provided the crime committed isn’t egregious or of a violent nature.

However in the case of Antoine Pettis a 21-year old sexual predator who was charged with sexually assaulting a 101-year-old woman, and has been sentences to 30 years behind bars, his crime will hopefully keep him locked up a long, long time

The perverted thug pleaded guilty to multiple charges on January 15th in connection with the sexual assault of the elderly Milwaukee woman

Pettis was charged on November 18th after he was identified by familial DNA and later confessed to the sexual assault.

Pettis claimed in court that his intent wasn’t to sexually assault anyone, however when he found nothing to steal he then decided to sexually assaulted the victim and fled.

However Milwaukee County Judge Jeffrey Wagner wasn’t about to let this smirking disrespectful low life sexual predator off the hook slapping him with not only with the 30-year sentence but with an additional 15-years of extended court mandated supervision.

Fortunately, for all concerned Pettis DNA was already on filed from a 2013 paternity case.

However one thing is almost a certainty, in that Pettis will no doubt be making lots of new friends in prison…and perhaps this sexual predator may himself become the victim, turn around is indeed fair play.

Source: Fox 6



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