After viewing this video it’s easy to see how a minor incident can easily escalate into a violent situation when individuals decide to take it further than just routine.

A citation for loud music in a convenient store parking lot turned violent as police in northeast Arkansas dragged an African-American man from his vehicle, tased him twice, then arrested him for "fleeing by vehicle" and resisting arrest.

The officer had just asked Patrick Newbern for his driver’s license, then told him not to leave the parking lot of Lucky's Store as he wrote a citation for loud music.

The video shows Newbern then moved his car before stopping while still inside the parking lot. Officers quickly surrounded Newbern's vehicle, calling on him to exit the car.

Newbern said he had little time to detach his seat belt to exit the car before officers grabbed him and forcibly removed him from the car.

"When you ask me to get out the car, you open up the door snatching me out the car without letting me get out my seat belt," Newbern said, according to WREG. "How can I get out the car in my seat belt?"

The Mississippi County NAACP is demanding the arrest of the officer and calling for more training of Blytheville police.

"As soon as I saw the video, it made me sick to my stomach," Tony Hollis, president of the Mississippi County NAACP, said, according to WREG.

Obviously Newbern should never have moved the vehicle to begin with, which set this situation into chaos which of course developed into a potentially dangerous situation as a crowd soon gathered, in short this incident could have ended in tragedy.



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