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Sgt. Jennifer Martin

“MORONS NEED NOT APPLY” should read the employment sign on every window and on every door within this fast food chain, and then there would be no need for Arby’s CEO to apologize, for the apparently moronic 19-year old clerk’s idiotic refusal to serve police officer Sgt. Jennifer Martin.

What is even more astounding than this idiot 19-year old, was the manager of the store, 22-year-old Angel Mirabal, who actually approached the drive-in window and stated; "He doesn't want to serve you because you are a police officer.”

Angel Mirabal

According to the report, the drive-in clerk Kevin Davenport had not yet processed the credit card but did so after Mirabel ordered him to.

Kevin Davenport

However Officer Martin decided at that point not to accept the food, and asked for a refund, stating;

"I was uncertain of the condition of my food, and felt for my safety," she said. "It would be best not to eat there."

Obviously an excellent idea!

However aside from the apparent stupidity and lack of sound judgment by this clerk, was his arrogant attitude when the store manager asked for his address, she said Davenport "ignored me and refused to provide his contact information."

Police Chief Dan Giustino accepted Arbys' apology for the "isolated incident" and mentioned that he is "truly grateful for the support" and hopes to continue "developing positive relationships with all members of our city.”

Kevin Davenport explains that the police officer "just can't take a joke":

An update on this story is that Angel Miracle has been fired form his jobs at Arby's and Kevin Davenport indefinitely suspended with a decision about the future of his job forthcoming.

This might be there least Arby's could do to reel in their employees who are there to serve the customer, not insult local police.

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