This horrifying video has gone viral after its recent release on LiveLeak. The video itself is so controversial that it even comes with an "anger warning" for the viewers. It would seem that this brass-knuckle-wielding thug completely unprovoked unleashed a brutal assault on an unsuspecting white 12-year-old. The video itself has gotten a lot of attention and many people are completely outraged by the delinquent punk.

The video starts out with the bratty thug wannabe smiling at the camera and showing off his brutal weapon. The wanna be thug is 16 years old and for reasons unknown decided to target an innocent white 12-year-old.

Apparently the two had been involved in some sort of argument or dispute before and this smug punk chose to deal with the argument in typical thug fashion. With a sucker punch to the head.

To make matters worse he first equips himself with a pair of brass knuckles. The young thug smiles at the camera and then gives the camera the finger with a disgusting air of arrogance.

He then sneaks up behind the 12-year-old and drills him right in the face, knocking the pre-teen unconscious.

If this wasn't bad enough the cowardly bully proceeds to unleash a furry of brass-knuckle-blows to the unconscious boy before he is finally dragged off by a female bystander.

Luckily, the whole thing was caught on video. The victim's parents later took the victim to the police station in order to file a police report.

According to the police affidavit the bay came in with a bruised eye, a big cut on his neck, and a large hole in his neck that will probably require stitches. Even more sickening is the part of the police report that documents the victim's awakening from his black out. The victim reported that he awoke and "He thought he had gravel in his mouth, but it was pieces of his teeth."

Too bad for this wannabe thug police did not let this brutal assault go lightly. After seeing the video and the police report the District Attorney has decided to try the thug, Kane Millsaps, as an adult. Millsaps is now facing first-degree battery and for possession of the brass knuckles felony charges.

If convicted Millsaps could face up to 20 years in prison. Most who have seen the video agree that this is a very deserved punishment for low-life scum like Millsaps.

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Source: LiveLeak


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