Sadly, terrorist threats have now become such a commonplace occurrence around the world that we hardly bat an eye when another attack takes place. Are we really living in a world that is becoming accustomed to such mindless acts of violence?

The most recent, large-scale terrorist attacks, happened on Thursday, January 14, in a crowded downtown area of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The attack was coordinated and included three suicide bombers who detonated their explosives in a downtown Starbucks franchise and two other gunmen who attacked several police officers who were nearby. At least one police officer was killed in the attack and the bombs that went off in the Starbucks were enough to send billowing clouds of smoke throughout the city. There was also a Burger King located next door.

One security officer who was near the scene of the downtown Jakarta explosions reported that he witnessed at least five members of a terrorist cell enter the Starbucks. Three were suicide bombers and the other two were thought to be the shooters who attacked the police outpost.

A local TV station also reported that there were three other explosions throughout Jakarta that may have been closely tied to the suicide bombings.

Though credit for the violent explosions hasn't yet been identified, it's unlikely to be any group besides militants from the Islamic State. ISIS operatives and sympathizers have recently taken responsibility for terrorist attacks in Istanbul and other locales and there is already some speculation that they've taken responsibility for the Jakarta bombings.

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population, so it doesn't necessarily surprise the imagination that a suicide bombing might happen there. However, Indonesia hasn't seen a terrorist attack since 2009. It remains unclear why suicide bombers would choose to make a demonstration now, but perhaps Starbuck's or even Burger King's undeniable ties with America and Western civilization were all the prompting these terrorists needed.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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