Like hurricanes, wars have names.

World War I -- "The War to End All Wars," Korea -- "The Forgotten War."

The Global War On Terror, now in its 16th year, is the "The Open-Ended War," because there is absolutely no one in our government with even the vaguest idea of how or when this war to defeat Islamic terrorism is going to end, and at what cost.

With each U.S. soldier that dies in some Middle Eastern hell hole we are reminded of the heartbreaking cost of belief. Honor. Country. Freedom. Values most Americans still hold dear. These men gave their lives for them.

On Saturday, three more U.S. soldiers lost their lives in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province when a Taliban loyalist infiltrated the Afghan army and opened fire.

At Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Vice President Mike Pence stood with his hand over his heart as the flag-draped caskets returned home with full military honors.

The soldiers, like the war they fought, also had names: Sgt. Eric M. Houk, 25, Sgt. William M. Bays, 29, and Cpl. Dillon C. Baldridge, 22.

"You know, today, we received a heartbreaking reminder of the risks that our service men and women face in the defense of freedom. As I traveled to Wisconsin this afternoon, I was informed that three American soldiers were killed and one wounded in a terrible attack in Afghanistan," Pence said while attending Road to Majority in Washington, DC.

If you have never seen the movie "Taking Chance," it is a moving cinematic portrayal of the care, the honor, the respect, and the unflinching loyalty the military gives to each and every fallen soldier on their journey home to their final resting place.

Having to bury one fallen soldier is too many, but three is an unbelievable tragedy. May these men rest in peace, and may we and their families find solace in the solemn hope and belief that their sacrifice was worth it.

We would love to hear your thoughts about Vice President Mike Pence making a special visit to honor the return of three fallen U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Source: IJR

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