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A bible covered in blood and lying next to a savagely beaten Christian may indeed suggest that the three Muslim immigrants murdered Freddy Akoa because of his faith, or perhaps an all night drinking binge and “friendly conversation among the four had suddenly turned violent and may have had nothing to do with religion, who’s to say?

However one thing is sure Freddy Akoa was a health-care professional who emigrated from Africa years ago. He was a resident of Portland, Maine and by all accounts a likable man and model citizen.

On one August afternoon he, three Muslim men and a local woman went back to his apartment to drink beer and hang out.

A judge in Maine has just unsealed court documents detailing the horrific murder of Freddy Akoa at the hands of three Muslim immigrants (likely from Somalia).

Detective Christopher Giesecke explained what seems to have happened during the confrontation; “At some point during their “friendly” conversation one of the Muslim men, Abil Teshome, became angry and began beating Akoa, Teshome said he lost control of himself and started hitting Akoa several times in the head. Teshome admitted to punching and kicking Akoa multiple times and knocking him to the ground. Teshome also stated that he also struck Akoa with his hands and feet while Akoa was lying on the ground.”

 The brutal murder has many in Portland wondering if this was a ”hate-crime?” Thus far the police and prosecutors have declined to comment on what factor the religion of the four men may have played in the brutal attack.

However the fact that Akoa’s bloody bible was found next to him, may indeed indicate more than just  the consumption of too much beer as a primary cause of the attack.

Moreover it’s worth noting that even in American towns like Portland Maine, Islamic extremists beheading Christians  is as far way away as the evening news coming into your home.

Source: Press Herald


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