One can only surmise that if the Clinton’s were private citizens and did for decades what they’ve been accused of, they would indeed be serving long prison terms in a federal facility.

The fact that they’re not is perhaps another reason why someone like Donald Trump is resonating with average voters, and speaks volumes of a corrupt system that permeates into every facet of the federal government, and allows a morally flawed and corrupt politician to “remarkably” seek the presidency without recrimination.

This 3-minute video released by the National Review is simply a reminder of why this woman should never occupy the Oval Office!

The video entitled “Who is Hillary Clinton”?

Which chronicles her many scandals and corruptions, and “remarkably” her ability to avoid (thus far) prosecution, and delves into several recent revelations such as;

1) Her use of a personal email server while secretary of state

2) Her wiping that server clean of all those emails, while purporting to turn over hard copies of all the work-related ones to the State Department (which is required by the Federal Records Act)

3) Her failure to turn over all work related emails, as previously claimed.

4) Her relationship to Sidney Blumenthal who provided questionable emails to Clinton on Libya and other matters, contrary to what she previously claimed, while Blumenthal was employed at the Clinton Foundation and had personal business interests in Libya…etc, etc.

What seems apparent within this brief video, is that Clinton while serving as Security of State, willfully and without consideration mishandled through negligence the nation’s national security, putting at risk America’s vital interests and the lives of countless individuals.

h/t: Conservative Post


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