It would appear that King Abdullah's brass tacks are contagious, but where the new resistance to ISIS is coming from might surprise you. The US Herald reported earlier about King Abdullah and his promise to wage a “relentless war” on ISIS. He has not wasted anytime so far, from executing terrorists he promised to execute and waging an aggressive bombing campaign against ISIS strongholds where their pilot was murdered, according to The Times.

Now, The UK Independent reports that an armed militia has formed in Iraq to fight ISIS. Iraqi Christians in the country have banded together, after months of persecution from ISIS. As ISIS rolled into town in Iraq in 2014, Iraqi Christians, Turkmen, Yazidis and other minorities, have been the victims the oppressive Islamic State. Thousands of them and Yazidis, another minority in Iraq, were forced to flee from their homes in Mosul.

Part of the methods of persecutions beset upon them were special taxes and being forced to convert to Islam, or be put to death. The Independent estimated 150,000 Christians, and other non-Muslim Iraqis are scattered throughout the country.

Now, in an effort to fight back against the Islamic state's terrorist reign in the country of Iraq, thousands of Christian men said enough is enough. They formed a new Iraqi militia in the Nineveh plains to protect the few remaining towns and villages from being taken over by ISIS militants.

Interestingly, for any Bible buff, Nineveh is particularly important, as it was the site of mass conversion to Christianity by Jonah. Yes. The Jonah and the whale, Jonah.

The Catholic Herald reports 4,000 men have joined in this militia. The rebel band of militiamen are called the Nineveh Plains Protection Units, and were founded by the Assyrian Democratic Movement. The ADM is the primary political party of Assyrians in Iraq that is backed by both the Iraqi government and Kurdish Peshmerga.

According to reports, the majority of the Christian militiamen are Chaldo-Assyrians, whom have been settled in the region for an untold thousands of years. So, naturally, you would want to stand your ground when someone comes looking for a fight at your house.

The Catholic Herald further reports that the Nineveh Plains Protections Units are funded by Assyrian diaspora in countries such as Sweden, Australia, and the U.S.

The militia group's main aim has been spelled out to “protect the remaining Assyrian lands from further attacks by ISIS and liberate the Assyrian homeland of the Nineveh Plain”.

It sounds like something Americans have been hoping and praying for is coming to fruition in Iraq. Arabs standing up and saying enough is enough. One might say it would be better if they were on the offensive, rather than the defensive.

However, considering our President's weak-in-the-knees failure to lead, they are doing phenomenal and deserve to be commended. If only the White House were so driven by the concern of issues in their own country, it might look a little different from sea to shining sea.

What your thoughts?

Should America ,or other countries be empowering these types of groups to fight back, or did it work out better by them making their own decision to stand their ground?

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.


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