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Most Americans go to work every morning expecting to return home to their loved ones, seldom thinking they may die on the job.

However the sad reality for a police officer is that they may never return, and that’s the reason why we pay tribute to these brave men and woman, as thousands of grateful people carrying candles, flocked onto the National Mall Friday night to remember and honor those fallen law enforcement officers across the country.

“It’s very emotional,” said Rich Leotta, whose son, a Montgomery County Police officer, was killed last year by a suspected drunk driver. “I’ve been going through ups and downs the whole time. This is overwhelming,” she said.

Speakers at this year’s 28th Annual Candlelight Vigil event included Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and president of Concerns of Police Survivors Brenda Donner.

Men and women, clad in their respective police uniforms, traveled from every state in America. Some joining from several countries, gathered for a candlelight vigil for the 252 fallen officers whose names were recently added to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

“It’s been a deadly year for law enforcement,” said Steve Groeninger, a spokesman for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. “While this is a somber event, it’s an emotional event for (officers). It’s helpful in their grief process.”

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s official Twitter page posted a video, which shows the additions made to the memorial walls.

On a personal note; when you see a police officer in your community “thank them” for a job well done.

Source: Breitbart



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