The great state of Missouri, whose motto is, “The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law,” has finally decided that the slogan does not mean those on the dole.

It means the welfare of all, and those who are able-bodied working adults, without disability need to contribute toward their financial assistance. The state joins the ranks of others who have decided, enough is enough.

Thus, 26,000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients, out of 830,000, will need to work at least 20 hours a week, or volunteer in a state approved program, or be enrolled in a job training program to continue to receive food stamps.

Some are not happy. What a surprise. “Honestly, I thought I was gonna die,” said leach, Jamie Sloan (KBIA reporting). “I cried. I just fell on the floor and started bawling.” Now Sloan goes to the local food bank.

That’s quite resourceful for someone who is supposedly so down on her luck, with so few options. She can’t find a job, but she can find food, and appears to have enough funds to consider marriage.

Check out the photo of the tag-team leaches at their local food bank. “Do I let my electricity stay on or do I shut it off because I have nothing to eat?” From the looks of it, she has not been lacking in the calorie department.

The food bank is effectively a grocery store, with plenty of healthy choices to be made, yet there’s the Coca-Cola in her cart.

“People are healthier when they work, their well-being is better,” according to Senator David Sate (R).  For many, satisfaction in taking care of yourself is fulfillment enough.

Unfortunately, for people like Sloan, it is nothing compared to the satisfaction she gets knowing that her every need is provided for from the sweat of your brow and mine. She is what is wrong with this country.

Source: Mad World News

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