Freedom of speech is alive and well in the heartland of America! It is ringing from the rooftops and bell towers all across Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Unless, that is, you are seriously pissed off at what happened to our military service members at the hands of one Islamo-terrorist, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez. While much of our governmental authority figures appear to be kowtowing to the Islam movement, proclaiming that they recognize it as a religion of peace, ever nudging us toward Sharia Law, one young woman in Chattanooga, TN has had enough.

Heidi Grubbs, as part of her First Amendment right to state her opinions, made some signs which she taped to her car windows.

In one, she proclaims that she is not afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood being in her own backyard. She had another that said,

“Islam is not religion. It is a Political Ideology cloaked in pseudo Religious Trappings!!! Islam is Dhimmitude !!! TaqiyyA!!! Jihad!!!”

Not quite sure what that last part translates to, but it ends in Jihad, so that indicates the thought pattern of how Grubbs feels about Islam. She didn’t stop there, though;

“I sh*t on the Quran. I spit in Mohammed’s Face. I Will STOMP Allah’s Ass!” and something else that was blurred out ending in “Islam.”

Grubbs has been fired from her job at the Belk department store (Northgate Mall, Chattanooga). She apparently violated company policy with her bigoted behavior, harassment of religions and their origins, and supposedly for sending “disparaging texts to our associates.”

Not only fired, but banned from all mall-owning CBL properties for a year. Of course CBL is now backpedaling and claiming it was her vulgarity and not her beliefs that landed her in the unemployment line. If you read the entire termination notice, at the link, you will see that she was fired because of her beliefs, period.

Until the Muslim population stands up and does something other than give lip-service, or sending their attack dog CAIR on the prowl, and our government grows a spine and says no more pandering to CAIR and “moderate Muslims everywhere”, we are all left with the understanding that Islam is a religion of “pieces” and Sharia Law is right around the corner. Heidi Grubbs is just a sacrificial lamb at this point, and that should be extremely troubling to everyone, no matter her tone or choice of words.

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