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One might ask what difference does it make if one walks all over or rubs their body parts on “old glory?”  A fair question to be sure. However if you’re Air Force veteran and Playboy model Michelle Manhart you may have already answered that question by preventing student protesters from desecrating the American flag.

The video which as gone viral shows Manhart grabbing and holding tightly on to “old glory” as a small group of protesters demand she return the flag while police surround her asking her at first politely to relinquish the flag, and when she refuses is wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and taken into police custody and banned from campus.

However the controversy didn’t stop there after reports surfaced that aside from being an Air Force veteran Manhart is also a Playboy model and apparently has come into close contact with “old glory” in the past, having posed naked and draping herself within the flag, for a PETA ad.



Manhart escaped the incident with a formal warning from police, although she was banned from Valdosta State University in Georgia, where the protest occurred, and when a reporter asked the arresting officer why Manhart was arrested, the officer’s response was that she (Manhart) refused a lawful request by the police to release the flag.



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