Let’s just face it. Some people are stupid.

Case in point—Lindsey Stone, the woman who, in 2012, took one a photo that many have deemed as the ultimate betrayal of soldiers who died protecting America.

Not only did Stone posed for the above photo in Arlington National Cemetery, a place of peace and repose for thousands of soldiers and a haven of reflection for their families, but the particular sign Stone is flipping off is outside of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Perhaps it was that tragic irony, the fact that, in a sense, Stone was insulting the entire history of the armed services in America, which resulted in the backlash that resulted.

Stone and her coworker who took the photo were fired from their jobs. Angry citizens called and demanded for her firing and a Facebook page named “Fire Lindsey Stone” amassed over 19,000 likes.

After she was fired, Stone apparently stayed in her house for close to one year, all the while receiving notices that she belonged in prison and even death and rape threats.

That’s the part of Stone’s story that chokes a little going down. We should always respect our military, but doesn’t calling for the death of someone who chose to make a public statement cut against the grain of the First Amendment and everything that those soldiers fought and died for?

However, it’s heartening to see that Americans believe so strongly in standing up for the military which has allowed us to keep our freedoms and live in this great country. While the death and rape threats definitely cross a line, calling for her to be fired from her job seems like a better form of public ridicule.

I think we can safely say that Stone has learned her lesson. According to reports she is even afraid to date because she is worried others will know about her from her idiotic past.

We can safely say that she got what she deserved, and she served as an important lesson in today’s age of social media and online information. Respect comes first, and must always come first when the heroic lives of men and women who sacrifice for America are on the line.



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