Perhaps the most difficult part to this senseless act of violence to understand is “why”? How can a drive by incident and perhaps a few words exchanged by these two passing groups result in the murder of a young man?

Moreover what motivates someone to stop and turn his auto around to confront a stranger who perhaps yelled in response to your racial slur, if indeed there was even an exchange of words?

And yet a young man in Lakewood, Washington is dead, stabbed to death in a parking lot. A young 20-year old soldier named Tevin Geike, who’s only crime, was to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Allegedly, the men driving by were yelling racial slurs, and when one of the soldiers responded, the car turned around. Then, the driver of the vehicle recognized that they were soldiers, stopped the car and one of the suspects got out and bumped into Geike, and Geike suddenly fell to the ground, and the car sped away.

Geike bled to death from multiple stab wounds. “He was already dead in my brother’s arms,” Glenn Zimmerman, a friend of Geike, told reporters.

Given the racial implications of the incident, investigators are considering whether the killing is classified as a hate crime. In the meantime, Police are searching for the vehicle and the five suspects, all five of whom are black men in their 20s.

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Source: American News



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