There is no depth to which liberals won’t sink to scrape the bottom of their slime filled barrel. If they are not in a frenzy making war on women, war on men, war on religion, or even their war on babies, born and unborn, then they are waging a broadside attack in the war on marriage.

This photo of a young couple on their wedding day has set off yet another excrement storm in the liberals’ ongoing battle against morality and tradition.

Marine Corps Corporal, Caleb Earwood, and his lovely lady, Maggie, blessed in their union, chose to uphold the tradition of bridal virtue and male chivalry, a lady and her noble soldier, and not see one another prior to their wedding ceremony.

In a very emotional moment, that every young betrothed person experiences prior to lifelong commitment to another, a moment of prayer, was captured by photographer Dwayne Schmidt.

In this photo, the two are seen in a deeply spiritual moment, joining hands, their backs to another, but so very together, passionately praying for God’s will in what would be their walk into forever, joined in marriage, heart and soul.

Marine Corps Corporal, Caleb Earwood and Maggie Earwood praying

How could anyone find reason to be insulted?

What should be found is reason to be humbled.

Source: American News



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