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This article pretty much nails it, as does the political cartoon that accompanies it.

The United States of America was once the goal and dream of the repressed, oppressed, and those folks seeking a better life where freedom of EVERYTHING abounded.  Remember, we called out to and invited, the tired, poor, the "huddle masses" who so very much desired to be free.

To this day, we remain a beacon for those seeking freedom. Unfortunately, the seekers will find a type of freedom that even we, the American, are wrestling with.  Our rights as a free people erode daily. Be it the Supreme Court legislating from the bench via interpreting the "meaning" of language in a law (i.e. Obamacare), offering suggestions as to how it should have been written, and saying yep-you can tax the crap of people with a "penalty fee" for not buying something, and tax them again for buying something.  Sounds a little like tea back in the day.  We are told that we must think a certain way, that religious objections are wrong or that religious beliefs (unless you are a Muslim) are antiquated, which is a violation of our 1st Amendment. We are told that the 2nd Amendment was about hunting.  Our 4th Amendment is pretty much violated by the NSA, and the list goes on.

The cartoon is spot on...what exactly are we celebrating?  A country we were fortunate to be born into, and sadly we appear to be losing.

h/t: Young Cons



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