If you've ever visited a courtroom, there's one thing that becomes clear very rapidly--the judge, whoever he or she is, is absolutely in charge.

For Tyler Grogan, a young black man from Atlanta who was on trial for rape, robbery, assaulting the police, and other charges, he learned the lesson that the judge is king the hard way.

Grogan sat uncomfortably in his chair while the judge summarized his convictions, calling Grogan an "animal." At the end of his sentencing, Grogan stood up and, annoyed, said that he "didn't have to listen to this s***."

The judge, Alford Dempsey, promptly had the attending police officers sit Grogan back down, and amended his sentencing.

"You don't want to hear it, but you're going to hear it and I don't give a rat's behind whether you like it or not," said Judge Dempsey.

Grogan's sentence was amended to include 7 consecutive life sentences and 270 years behind bars, something that his family members and supporters weren't happy with.

Those family members chased away members of the media and cameramen after they found out Grogan's sentence had been lengthened.

Grogan was arrested for holding hostages in an apartment complex and having a standoff with police and SWAT team members, while he repeatedly raped a woman inside the apartment building.

Judge Dempsey, thank you for your service.

h/t: Western Journalism

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