Most of the time, the old adage that if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it, can aptly be applied to politics. Particularly when it comes to the lies we see coming out of Washington every day, regardless of political parties.

Who can forget Bill Clinton and the blue-dress scandal involving Monica Lewinsky? It should come as no surprise that Bill’s wife is caught up in a similar situation, only hers did not involve any interns.

Just possibly the safety of our nation while Secretary of State, and nobody seems to be buying her tale.

We have watched the Democrat presidential candidate assert her innocence, when it comes to answering questions about her use of a personal email server for her duties as Secretary of State.

Her claims that all of this was above board and the 40+thousand emails she sent were personal and had nothing to do with her job, did not affect our security, and so forth.

One has to question, what time did she have for Secretarial duties, if she was sending that many “personal” emails?

Now she has a new problem on her hands. Think of the tune the wheels on the bus going round and round, and the POTUS chucking her under them. Obama claims he had no clue that Clinton was using a personal server. This, of course is hard to believe.

Do we have the most clueless president in history, because the man never seems to have known that anything wrongful has happened on his watch?

The FBI is now weighing in and tossing around phrases like violation of the Federal Espionage Act, gross negligence;

“If investigators conclude that the former Secretary was criminally careless in how she approached the security of the sensitive document in her possession, then this part of the law could be used to prosecute her” (unknown FBI agent).

The agent adds;

“The only way setting up your own email server for messages about sensitive information isn’t negligent is if it’s deliberate, which is far worse.”

Clinton has painted herself into a corner, and if it wasn’t for the fact that there may be a connection to the September 11, 2011 attack on our Libyan embassy, resulting in the deaths of Americans, to include our Ambassador, it would entertaining to watch this Clinton try to explain herself and avoid a decade behind bars.

Source: Mad World News



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