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“Stereotyping” a group, a place or perhaps even ones intent, is never a good idea. And so when the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina took place in a church by a deranged madman, rather than focus on the gunman, the mainstream media and the progressive elite decided to focus on a photograph that had the gunman pictured with the Confederate Flag.

The obvious fact that the intended victims were all “church-going Christians” never entered as a motive to those enlightened secular progressive journalists, perhaps because it didn’t fit neatly into their narrative, and besides who really cares about “church-going Christians” being gunned down?

It’s much easier to continue the “stereotyping” of those “rednecks” and that hateful racist symbol the Confederate Flag.

However in Marion County, Florida county legislators held a vote to keep the Confederate Flag waving at their government complex.

State Rep. Dennis Baxley, (R-Ocala) said “We are all exposed to messages and symbols that may not connect for us, but we should all honor our ancestors and protect free expression.”

“It’s a passionate issue on two sides,” said McClain. “What we are trying to do is interpret the historical relevance of this display we have. It’s either take the whole thing down, or try to use it as a historical tool from a historical perspective.

Watch the flag going back upon in this clip below:


Source: Conservative Post



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