Donald Trump has made waves in the political sphere of the U.S. ever since he threw his hat in the ring to try and become president. While many have criticized his outspoken comments on immigration, Muslims, and President Obama's trade deals, it's clear that Trump is shaking up the established order of things.

But while millions of Americans think Trump's shake-up is a good thing, there is one group of workers who say they will consider quitting en masse if Trump is elected. Federal employees.

According to a recent survey, 25 percent of federal employees surveyed about the potential for a Trump presidency said they would rather quit their jobs than work under him.

Considering that Trump has vowed to trim off the excess from the federal spending that has taken over during the Obama administration, the fact that these workers would resign may just be their way of trying to jump ship before they are fired.

Political party also mattered to the federal employees surveyed. Over 40 percent of the federal workers who are Democrats said that they would think about quitting their jobs if Trump were elected. For Republicans, only 8 percent said they would think about it.

President Obama has increased the federal deficit by record numbers during his time in office. Much of that spending has gone towards useless and unimportant programs that employ hundreds of people to accomplish nothing.

If Trump or another anti-establishment candidate were to make it to the White House, it's clear that budgets would be cut and many of these federal workers who have been pulling in fat paychecks from Obama would lose their jobs.

For most Americans, the idea of hundreds of federal employees quitting their jobs and lightening the tax burden probably sounds like a really good thing. Trump or another candidate should capitalize on this and make it actually happen.

h/t: Patriot Update

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