The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is constantly under attack by liberals, no matter where you are across the country. Every school shooting, no matter the person's background or history, results in calls for more limits on the 2nd Amendment, and less freedoms for Americans.

In the state of Maryland, the legislators who sit in the state capitol building are now trying their hardest to ensure that Maryland has some of the most expansive and illegal gun measures in the country. The way that this gun grab has the potential to escalate should frighten patriots and gun owners across the country.

To begin, legislators are attempting to institute bans on guns in public universities and colleges across the state, something that hasn't been seen to dissuade those shooters who bring guns from off-campus onto the campus.

It's a great thing to say, "We won't allow guns on our campuses," but that ban has only served to take away the minimal protections that students would have when an active shooter comes to campus, ignoring the no-gun policy, with semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

Maryland is also attempting to deny guns to anyone who has been placed on the FBI terrorism watch list, something that sounds reasonable at first pass. However, the FBI's list has been notoriously terrible, naming babies, innocent teenagers, and even a presidential candidate as potential terrorists.

And Maryland wants to take things a step further by also requiring anyone convicted of domestic violence to turn in their guns. Again, this last step may sound reasonable, but it is circumventing the power of the courts. People should only have to give up their guns when ordered to by a court, not just because a state legislator thinks they shouldn't have access to protection.

Maryland is certainly trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment. It's up to us, patriots of the United States, to ensure this doesn't happen.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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