The Confederate flag is a symbol that has been undergoing increasing scrutiny in recent months. Most southern states that still flew the flag at places like courthouses and government buildings have removed the flags amid cries of racism.

And it's probably a good thing that the government as a whole isn't seen as propagating racism. But where the government crosses the line is regulating people's individual right to express themselves.

This right came under fire recently when 1,600 Virginia citizens were sent letters asking them to turn in license plates that they had purchased featuring the Confederate flag. According to reports, drivers were warned that if they didn't comply with the government mandate they could be liable for misdemeanor charges.

Thankfully, Americans have taken a stand against this invasion of freedom of speech. Only 187 of the 1,600 people asked to turn in their license plates did so. Obviously the government is going to have to take those plates by force from these people.

According to many of the license plate owners, having a Confederate flag on their plates isn't an expression of racism--it's an effort to reconnect and remember their history.

Whether opponents of the Confederate flag want to face the facts or not, America has a large percentage of its population--especially in the South--whose ancestors served on the Confederate side of the Civil War.

Now, it's easy to understand why some people connote the Confederate flag with racism, hate crimes, and bigotry. Those things happened under the Confederate flag and they're not going away.

But just because your interpretation of a symbol is different than the definition of the person who is supporting that symbol doesn't make their definition wrong or yours right--that's the beauty of a diverse, expressive society.

Take a step back, Virginia, and realize that your desire to not be "hurtful" to some is really a disintegration of freedom of speech for all.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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