Perhaps this headline should be read “The unintended consequences of Obamacare”. However on second thought, that may suggest the rise in food-stamps may have been unintended, and although the administrations claim that this is all a big surprise. The fact still remains that the administration has purposely enticed more Americans to apply for food stamps while signing for Obamacare.

In most instances the enrollment increases were not huge, ranging from 1 percent to 6% over two years, according to an Associated Press analysis. The sole exception was Nevada, where enrollment shot up 14%.

And while the food stamp increase was not envisioned by either supporters or opponents of the new healthcare system…this unintended consequence is simply another fall out of this massive and intrusive mandate.

However skeptics might suggest that this unintended side effect of Obamacare might in fact be just the opposite, especially when states make signing up for food stamps as easy as clicking a box on the Obamacare website, with streamlined application systems built for  making it easier for people to enroll in government benefit programs, including insurance coverage and food stamps.

The enrollment is climbing as Republicans try to cut the costs of the food program and at a time when food-stamp usage would normally be expected to decline. Eligibility rules have not changed.

The average food-stamp recipient was paid $125.35 a month last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers SNAP. Based on that, the nearly 632,000 people added to food-stamp rolls in the 11 states would cost SNAP nearly $79 million a month.

That’s a lot of money added to our national debt which has just recently topped $18 trillion dollars, with deficits that may start to climb again by 2018, combine that with an aging population and a sizable decrease in the labor participation rate, and the potential of an additional  11-million illegal aliens accessing government’s benefits…and you have the makings of a perfect financial crises, looming.



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