Islam is having a hard time throughout the world and the actions of ISIS and other radical Muslims don't show any signs of changing the violent perception of Islam. Yet some progressives and liberals seem to remain unaware of the threat that Islam and violent Muslims pose to freedom and the United States.

Most recently this ignorance was revealed in a new law in the state of Illinois which allows Muslims and anyone who wears a head covering for "religious reasons," to be photographed for identification purposes while wearing their head covering.

At first glance this law would appear to be a simple concession to help appease those people who would be furious at having to remove their head coverings. But then Muslims wearing burqas showed up to be photographed for driver's licenses and things got out of hand.

According to a press release from the State of Illinois, "customers [of the Department of Motor Vehicles] may be photographed while wearing established religious head coverings." That means that burqas, Muslim religious garb that covers a person's entire body and leaves only the eyes (and sometimes not even that) exposed is allowed.

If driver's licenses were only used to demonstrate that an individual has the skills necessary to operate a vehicle the new rule allowing burqas would be fine. Sure, you don't have to show us your face to show us that you can drive a car.

But driver's licenses are, for better or worse, used now as I.D. for airline check-ins, purchasing restricted items, and much more. Driver's licenses are used to confirm someone's identity, something that is impossible if the only discernible feature is a person's eyes and height.

Illinois should have known that Muslims would be quick to take advantage of the rule, quick to resume anonymity. It's the anonymity that's dangerous. If we don't know who these people are, how can we be sure that they are acting the way they appear to be acting and not readying terrorist attacks?

h/t: Mad World News

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