Say what you will about Donald Trump's positions on various issues such as Muslims or immigration, but the business tycoon is doing one thing for the political process--he's bringing people to the polls in record numbers. Since Trump entered the campaign everyone, from college students to grandparents, has become obsessed with American politics.

Trump's appeal has been dissected and analyzed from every angle possible, but in the end the reason that people are flocking to the polls can be attributed most to his straight-talk attitude about politics.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump movement is having consequences far outside of simply motivating people to head to the polls. It's actually convincing many people to question their party loyalty.

Since January 1, 2016, 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched their political party loyalties from Democrat to Republican. But these aren't just people who are changing positions in name only. These Democrats are part of what pollsters are calling the "Ditch and Switch" movement. And they are getting out to vote in record numbers.

Many of the Pennsylvania Democrats-turned-Republicans are blue-collar workers who obviously think that Trump is on to something. America, in their minds, needs to return to greatness, and Trump is the platform to get them there.

The Trump-switching movement has happened in other predominantly Democratic states as well. In Massachusetts nearly 20,000 Democrats have switched over to vote Republicans. Ohio has a large number who have changed as well.

Now, this shouldn't be read as meaning that Donald Trump should and will be elected President. People switch their political party all the time and Republicans are also switching to Democrat this year as well.

But it hasn't happened in these numbers, from Democrat to Republican, ever. Say what you will about Donald Trump and his positions, the man is changing the face of American politics and getting everyone involved.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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