One state is about to take the punishment for sexual offenders to a whole new level. In most states sex offenders get punished by serving prison time, going to therapy, and then being put into a database for sexual predators. But, Oklahoma lawmaker Senator Mark Allen is considering making their punishments more severe: chemical castration. Before you panic, it should be pointed out that for first time offenders, the process would be voluntary, and it would lower their prison sentence. If the offenders recommitted their crimes, then castration would be mandatory. Senator Allen also mentioned that while the castration in Oklahoma would be chemical, in Texas it's actually a physical castration.

It's not only the lawmakers that think the idea of chemical castration is good, in fact two other states already have similar programs in place: California and Florida. David Slane, an attorney that has represented over 500 sex offenders said, "I remember one in particular who told me he went to his doctor voluntarily. He used this hormone therapy and, as he said, 'It cured me. I no longer have the thoughts. I no longer have the sex drive.' For years afterwards he had never reoffended. So to me, that was proof in the pudding. There may be something here."

Senator Allen talked about the success of the programs in California and Florida, "The inmate has to go through counseling before going through the process. I think they've had about a 90 percent success rate. If somebody wants an early release from prison they can go through the process."

The program, if the law is passed, could be started as soon as November. There are however a few hurdles they will have to jump to get the program off of the ground. One of them being the issue forcing citizens to take medicine that is not FDA approved. Slane told KOCO 5 ABC that he fears it would open up the state to lawsuits.

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