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The initial reaction by most hard-working “wage earning” Americans would be that welfare and or food stamps should be a part of an overall work requirement program, and although the recent recession and high unemployment rate in Pennsylvania forced the suspension of the work requirement program known as SNAP, a segment of the program should have continued requiring beneficiaries to volunteer or attend a work-training program for a minimum 20 hours a week in order to maintain benefits.

The fault actually lies with the state for suspending the entire program; now 30,000 Pennsylvania residents could reportedly be at risk of losing their food stamp benefits next year, as the state begins to again enforce certain work requirements for beneficiaries of the program.

A return to the requirements would mean certain individuals will be subject to a three-month limit on assistance. After such a time, individuals would be required to work, volunteer or attend a work-training program for a minimum 20 hours a week in order to maintain benefits.

In Pennsylvania, the rules will not be applied evenly geographically, which will allow certain areas with high unemployment or other employment issues to be exempt from the rules or have the rules waived.

Obviously local economic conditions should be a consideration, however exempting or waiving a healthy welfare recipient from doing volunteer work or attending a work-training program sends the wrong message to both the welfare recipient and the “wage earner” who in actuality is funding the program.

Source: Opposing Views




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