Say ba-bye to the Texas DREAM Act.  Once that piece of legislation lands on Governor Abott's desk, it's as good as gold.

What this means is that those folks living here, illegally, in the United States will have the pleasure of paying the same skyrocketing college tuition rates as the rest of the state's student-citizens, and those students residing in Texas via legal means (i.e. proper documentation).  Now illegals, who should not be living there anyway, will really feel like an American! Regardless of whether or not they earned their high school diploma at a Texas school, whereby the DREAM Act allowed for free education, they now get to cowboy-up to the expense of a public collegiate education, just like their contemporary  pardners.


Guessing that means, they will have to go get a job too.  Boy howdy!  It's game on now!  All those burning desires to have a freedom filled life in America will be met when their first time card needs stamped (as opposed to that green card, which they don't have), so they can get paid, and after they take a look at their NET earnings (post taxes), and learn the art of budgeting,  they can then pay for something they should have been paying for all along.  They will finally know what it means to be an American college student, holding down a full-time, or multiple part-time jobs, to pay tuition bills, rent (or housing fees), purchase text books and materials, and figuring out how to get your schedule of classes to work around their J-O-B(s).  There ain't no learning curve on that one.

Let's hold out hope that the Lone Star State will lead the charge in taking back their state from the 1.7 million illegal aliens taking advantage of their Texas sized hospitality and generosity.


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