“Ouch’! Is perhaps the only way to begin this story, and perhaps it may also serve as a lesson to young men everywhere  that Oklahoma is taking a harsh stand against violent sex offenders, and rightly so!

State Senator Mark Allen has just proposed a bill that will seek to chemically castrate violent sex offenders. The proposal follows the lead of Florida and California.

The bill no doubt is controversial, and will surly be tested within the courts, however many believe that it’s a good idea, and even David Slane, an attorney who has represented more than 500 sex offenders has expressed his support for the measure, saying;

“I remember one in particular who told me he went to his doctor voluntarily,” he used this hormone therapy and as he said, ‘It cured me. I no longer have the thoughts. I no longer have the sex drive.’ For years afterwards he had never re-offended. So to me, that was the proof in the pudding. There may be something here.”

However he cautioned; “On the other hand, the idea that we would force drugs on people who have not been approved by the FDA would subject the state to lawsuits, and I feel like that part needs to be taken out.”

However what seems certain is that Senator Allen is looking closely at what has taken place in Florida and in California, saying; “I think they’ve had about a 90 percent success rate. If somebody wants an early release from prison they can go through the process.”

Source: Mr. Conservative

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