President Obama and the rest of the progressive front only have one response when it comes to gun violence: take guns away from citizens. But a pro-gun group is working with schools to provide a solution that promises to significantly curb gun violence and do it in a way that benefits all involved.

Approximately 40 school districts throughout the state of Ohio are working with a tactical training company to allow teachers with concealed carry permits the chance to train for active shooter scenarios.

Though many liberal gun-control activists claim that removing guns from schools is the best answer to the recent rise in school shootings, those arguments don't take into account the fact that, in most shooting situations, the guns are brought from outside the school in and that those weapons are easily smuggled onto school property.

Instead, law enforcement personnel and other trained staff at John Benner's Tactical Defense Institute are helping teachers to be able to respond to active shooter threats by themselves. Teachers undergo training in different scenarios with the final course being a real-life walk-through of a situation in their own school.

The best part about the training is that it is entirely paid for by an outside gun rights group the Buckeye Firearms Foundation. A spokesperson for Buckeye said that they're happy to help teachers who want to help their students.

"There are teachers who are willing to die for the children we leave with them every day. . . . When we have experts that can provide the training to provide these solutions our foundation is obligated to make this happen for the schools."

It's impressive to see teachers rising up to the new challenge of being a responsible teacher in an age of rampant gun violence. Instead of removing the guns, however, these teachers have the right idea: put the guns in the hands of trained, responsible adults and let them handle situations that arise.

No doubt these teachers wouldn't be able to react as quickly or as professionally as police officers or other trained officers, but it's an impressive first line of defense.

h/t: WKRC Cincinnati

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