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It is utterly baffling that the question as to whether or not foreign law should be applied on American soil would ever come up. Why in the world is this even a topic for debate?!

Because Sharia Law and the Caliphate are coming, that’s why.

Finally, people are starting to wake up and realize this is not a joke. A bunch of us woke up a long time ago and fortunately the noise being made in opposition is rising over the din of “acceptance” and “tolerance” for the “Religion of Pieces.”

The state of Alabama put forth the following measure; American and Alabama Laws for Alabama Courts Amendment, which states:

“Foreign law refers to the laws of other countries or cultures. Currently, judges or other legal authorities discern whether foreign law is applied. Amendment 1 would create constitutional protection that foreign law is not applied if it violates the guaranteed rights of Alabama citizens.”

Alabama recognize the inherit dangers of Sharia Law in consideration of foreign law, and the voters passed the amendment.

The notion of foreign law in our judicial system never should have been an issue to begin with. That this is even something needing consideration is vomit inducing. Foreign law should NEVER be applied or even considered, no matter the situation or circumstances. It is not a matter of whether foreign law might violate “the guaranteed rights” of anybody.

Guaranteed rights, by default, are Constitutional, and the Constitution yields to no one. Law is not subjective to the whims of a judge. Law is law and this is America and American law is the only law that needs to be considered, ever.

Source: IJR



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