The term "death row" has long been a part of American lexicon. But recently, the term might as well be changed to "probably-not-death row" because of most U.S. states' inability to procure the lethal injection material needed to execute those inmates awaiting their demise.

But Mississippi lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands by trying to pass legislation that would allow the state to use firing squads and other means of killing as an alternative to the lethal injections that have become unavailable.

The measure is being spearheaded by the state's attorney general, who is, in fact, a Democrat. Jim Hood wants to explore other methods of killing because Mississippi is no longer authorized to use its stock of lethal injection drugs because the drugs expired.

Manufacturers of the chemicals that go into the lethal injections have begun withholding the materials from states and companies that want to manufacture killing drugs. That is requiring states like Mississippi to consider firing squads, the electric chair, and death by nitrogen as alternatives.

The American Civil Liberties Union has decried the idea, saying that "It's just barbaric when you talk about bringing back the firing squad or hangings and all the rest."

But no one is proposing any other ideas and every inmate who sits in death row simply costs taxpayers money. Let us remember that these aren't petty thieves or drug addicts. Inmates who make it to death row are clearly convicted of terrible crimes. There is almost no doubt in all of the cases.

Mississippi currently has 48 inmates awaiting execution, but it is impossible to know if these inmates will grow old and die before being executed or if state lawmakers will actually pass other measures to "get the job done."

We need to stop being so sensitive about the methods used to execute death row inmates. These are evil, evil people who have done terrible things to others and society as a whole. If they suffer during their final moments perhaps it is simply justice.

h/t: America News

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