Every flag ever waved or raised in conflict has represented either pride and or victory to the winner, or sorrow and or defeat for the loser, however both flags “win or lose” has an important and historical significance and in particular a unique heritage for their individual cause. That for some strange reason seems to have gotten lost within the frenzy of a PC culture that sees discrimination even within a loaf of “white bread”, rather than the actual carnage committed by an evil and demented individual.

Fortunately cooler heads seem to have finally prevailed in Marion County, Florida and rather than follow lawmakers in South Carolina who are considering removing the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds; this north Florida County has decided to reinstate it.


And it seems by their unanimous vote on Tuesday that the Marion County Commission is also sending a message to the entire nation to once again fly their Confederate flag in front of a government building, and not be held hostage or shamed into submission by the PC police.

However, following the brutal murders on June 17th of 9- black people at a Charleston, South Carolina, church, by a white and apparent racist youth who appeared in photos waving a Confederate flag, hundreds of communities across the nation and in particular across the south, at the urging of the national media, and the progressive left were intimidated and ultimately shamed into taking down the Confederate flag.

Interim County Administrator Bill Kauffman decided to remove the flag because of the “perceived connotations of displaying the flag at governmental agencies,” said Marion County spokeswoman Barbra Hernandez.

At the same time, the county is “respectful of history,” Hernandez explained. On that note, many people throughout the County voiced concern over removing the flag.

“What I realized is that we have not done justice to the historical display,” commission Chairman Stan McClain said at Tuesday’s meeting. “I’m sure most folks are in favor of educating the community.”

Source: Ocala.com

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