In the aftermath of the deadly lunatic racist actions by Dylan Roof, who went on a shooting spree inside the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Charleston, NC), killing nine black people and wounding others, there was a maniacal groundswell to remove the Confederate flag from all things public and even private.

Among those actions was taking the flag off of the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates in the state of Georgia.

The State of Georgia and the Sons of Confederate Veterans have come to a compromise regarding the display of the Confederate flag. Previously, the Confederate flag was watermarked as the background field of the license plate. Now, the background will be plain white.

The Confederate flag will remain featured as part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to the left of the plate identifying letters and numbers.

Some folks agree with this action, concurred with by Governor Nathan Deal, while others, particularly Democrat law makers, were disappointed.

What say you?

Source: BizPacReview

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