It is somewhat surprising that this story did not originate from California, but no matter, because the equally incompetent and obsessively appeasing state of Illinois was the first to cross the finish line with this.

Articles of faith” is what is at stake in Illinois, with respect to having your picture taken for a driver’s license. It is illegal for the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to ask you to remove said articles for your driver’s license photo. Fine-nice of them to not make you remove your cross, or whatever religiously affiliated ornamentation or body art you happen to have visible. That is a nice showing of tolerance, for once, from a liberally-minded state.

However, not requiring a Muslim woman, of the Islamic faith, to remove her burqa is taking it a little too far. The entire purpose of a driver’s license is for identification purposes; for law enforcement, purchase of alcohol, voter registration and voting, well maybe not that last one anymore, but you need it to fill out all sorts of paperwork, from buying a house to medical insurance billing. One black sheet looks like any other, whether draped on a hanger, mannequin, or person, and not necessarily a woman.

You can’t wear a hat. But you can wear a burqa. This is unacceptable. As the article points out, a Sikh’s turban, and one would imagine a Jewish Yamaka, can be worn, but these make sense.

You can still SEE the person’s face. Even the veil that Muslims sometimes wear is acceptable, but this should be on a case by case basis as some of those veils are not very transparent.

The statement by the Deputy Press Secretary of the State, Henry Haupt is one of almost incoherent pandering that pretty much says; in case all you Muslim women didn’t know, you are welcome to completely obscure your identity with a DMV issued driver’s license.

Hell, why bother taking the picture? They could save the gals a trip and just take a snapshot of a black backdrop. Maybe, stick a few google-eyes up on the board.

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