Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, has challenged President Obama to spend a day without his personal Secret Service detail at his side, or shadowing his wife and daughters, so they can live like the rest of us.

Clarke is tired of the manipulative politicization of all shooting deaths being used to the advantage of Obama and the Democrats to further their anti-gun agenda and attempts to absolve us of our Second Amendment right.

Clarke even said that the way you reduce these types of crimes is to quit dumping the convicts back onto our streets. President just pardoned 46 federal convicts and has intent to pardon more.

"So while the police and the community and the people are trying to get these individuals out of their community, he is pouring them back in.

This was a chance for the president, Sean, to bring the country together, and once again the divider in chief goes out and further separates us."

Our President has no desire to unite this country. Only a liberal would disagree.

Clarke said the way we fix the problem of guns in the hands of criminals is not by toying with the Constitution. He said we need better mental health and background checks. True. We also need to start enforcing the 20,000 some odd gun laws already on the books rather than add more.

Lastly, he reminds us all that the Constitution does not prevent tragedies such as this; “…terrible things happen in this world from time to time. We have to be a little more humble about our ability to prevent every horrific situation from happening.”

Unfortunately, while he is correct, “humble” is not in the Democrats’ vocabulary.

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