“Get the f*ck out of our countries”

This is part of the sentiment directed at Muslim patrons upon arrival at “The Moon on the Square” pub in Great Britain.

Naturally, one Islam-sympathizing soul took issue with it.


“I was absolutely disturbed to see this vile poster on display in my local pub, let alone in the biggest pub chain in the UK…I only popped in for lunch [with] a friend from work who happened to be a Muslim, but we were so upset by it we were forced to leave” (an unidentified man).

First of all, what is a devout Muslim doing in a bar? Aren’t there rules against that?

After the complaint, by the friend of the Muslim, and not the Muslim himself, probably because he is not allowed to be in a bar, the bar took the “anti-Muslim propaganda” down, and the company put out a derriere-kissing mea-culpa, promising that they are, “

“…a community pub, proud of its diverse customer base, and has always been fully committed to operating in a non-discriminatory way.”

The pub just discriminated against the person who made the sign!

Anybody remember the slaying of Lee Rigby in London? He was gutted and beheaded on the street, in broad daylight, by a pair of Jihadis while a bunch of lemmings stood around and filmed it on their phones.

Britons are so fortunate The Moon on the Square is “non-discriminatory.” The only folks accepted at the pub appear to be the murder-in-the-name-of-Islam-overlooking clientele.

Good job Great Britain. You have succumbed to Sharia. Rigby appears to have died in vain and you are no longer a world power, but a world panderer, and The Moon on the Square should be ashamed.

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