The Washington Redskins have lately been receiving flak from all sides because of their refusal to change their team name. The issue has emerged once again because the team, which is based in Maryland, is trying to move back to the District of Columbia. That move, however, is being met with opposition over the team's supposedly racist name.

The Washington Redskins originally played at RFK stadium in D.C. In 1996 they moved to FedEx Stadium in Maryland, but the grass hasn't been greener on the other side of the state line.

Fans want the team to move back to D.C. because they are unhappy with the seat configuration. That move would cause the Redskins to leave eleven years early on their lease which runs until 2026. Ironically, if the team was able to move back to D.C. they would simply rebuild over the top of the old RFK stadium--and that's where things get stickier.

Right now the city of Washington, D.C. owns RFK stadium. The land, however, is owned by the National Parks Service. Because the Parks service owns the land they have final say over what happens to it. In the case of a new Redskins stadium, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has said that they won't consider rebuilding a stadium for the Redskins unless the NFL team changes its name.

Jewell, who is doing her best to keep the Parks service and the Department of the Interior in-line with the Obama Administration's larger liberal goals, admitted, however, that the bias against the Redskins's name is more pronounced on her part than on the part of any Native Americans.

"In talking with tribal leaders," stated Jewell, "[the name change] has not been the issue that they have talked about with me." Jewell freely admits that her bias against the name comes from herself--and that's absolutely criminal.

Isn't assuming the repercussion of something in itself a prejudice and racial bias? Isn't Jewell's determination to decide what is offensive to Native Americans more racist than an NFL team name that doesn't bother anyone? 

h/t: MRCTV

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