Our previous chant of shame was "The whole world is watching" our new five word slogan as seen by the rest of the free world? "You let the world down". That is the headline for New York's Daily News. It reflects the United States's complete and utter failure to support France in a time of crisis and mourning.


The protest held in Paris over the terrorist attacks against free speech, something the United States claims to hold dear, saw over 3 million people and over 40 leaders from different countries. It saw a multi-city, global, support with simultaneous marches. What it didn't see what the Obama administration giving a care.

Our absence was notable. Not only did Obama show a complete and total disrespect for the families and nation affected by the terrorist barrage, but he also showed a complete lack of respect for our core American value: Freedom of Speech. What else could one expect from a man who tries to control the media?

Obama, who has been noted to be soft on fellow Muslims, didn't give as much as a phone call during the march. Although the other countries sent in their top politician, our country didn't even send in the Vice President, a man whose job description literally states, from the Constitution, that one of his main functions is to show up to events such as these. This means that the Obama administration not only ignored the role of the United States in fighting terror and giving support to our allies, but it also ignored the spirit and writing of its Constitutional duties. Again, this should come to no surprise to anyone following our Muslim president's agenda.

Who did Obama send to the march? We know it wasn't himself (there aren't golf courses in downtown Paris) and it wasn't the VP (he couldn't get a note from his mommy). So who was it? Who was our sole representation amongst 3 million people and 40 world leaders? Our ambassador to France. The only person there who could take a cab to the protest and still have change for Starbucks. That's how much Obama cares about showing unity in the face of terror.


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