The GOP Presidential debates have been some of the most interesting and important television of the past several years. Viewership has been huge and it's clear that the American public cares deeply about who will become the next president. But there's one issue which people haven't considered until recently when it comes to the decision of who to elect as our next President.

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away things went into overdrive for the Obama Administration. Barack Obama is doing everything he can to put forward a liberal Supreme Court Justice so that he can add to his already long list of liberal advances.

With the Supreme Court already divided, a liberal appointee will shift the court in favor of progressive values and rulings, something that many people fear will happen with an Obama appointee.

According to some recent polls by the Family Research Council, over 70 percent of Americans feel that the issue of appointing a new Supreme Court Justice will be an important factor in the upcoming 2016 election. That's a huge number and it clouds the water for almost all of the GOP candidates still in the race.

Obama, for his part, wants to push an appointee through the Congressional approvals before he leaves office. Congressional leaders, however, have repeatedly stated that they're not going to bow down and let Obama put another liberal in a life-long service position. They want voters to decide who to have serve on the court.

"Justice Scalia’s replacement may very well be the deciding vote on major cases involving religious liberty, state abortion laws, gun control, and immigration. With so much at stake, the American people should be allowed to decide in November who picks the next Supreme Court justice." That quote comes from Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council.

He's right. The issues that are facing the Supreme Court in the next few years will be critical to basic freedoms of America. We need a strong, conservative justice on the court to help guide America in a true course.

h/t: WND

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