Canada is not that different from America. They enjoy many of the same liberating ideologies that we Americans do, and of course there are many citizens among each country who take those freedoms for granted.

When it comes to our court systems we are nations of laws who respect that courtrooms are supposed to be a place of secularism. Particularly in Canada. Judge Marengo operates her courtroom on a purely secular basis and that goes for Muslims too.

Rania El-Alloul, a Muslim immigrant to Canada who has learned the ropes of the country’s welfare system, being a single mother of three, apparently is unable to grasp the so-what-get-a-job aspect of single-motherhood.

She had to appear before Judge Marengo recently. The reason being, her son drove her vehicle while on a suspended license. The vehicle was impounded.

As those who have been in similar situations can attest to, getting a vehicle out of impound is not a simple or inexpensive feat. Well, welfare-momma El-Alloul wanted leniency and went to court to ask for it. She ran into a little problem.

Her manner of dress, while in keeping with the Islam faith, did not comply with Judge Marengo’s court room dress code. Judge Marengo refused to hear El-Allou’s case until she respected the court and removed her Hijab (head scarf).

Naturally, being Islam and being exempt from all the rules of respect everyone else has to follow, El-Alloul refused. So, Judge Marengo refused to hear her. El-Alloul pulled out her I’m-on-welfare-with-three-kids card and the Judge whipped out the I-don’t-care-not-my-problem card; “There are no religious symbols in this room, not on the walls and not on the persons. The same rules need to be applied to everyone.”

Now, El-Alloul is playing the media with a dog-and-pony show of pity me, because I am a good Canadian citizen, and now I don’t feel Canadian anymore.

Why not? You are Canadian. You just got to experience what the rest of Canadians experience. Are you saying that you’re Canadian except when it comes to Islamic theocracy which supersedes your home nation? Of course you are saying that because you practice Islam and Islam plays by no rules other than their own.

Source: Mad World News


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